Couples/ Partner Sessions

Ready to Team Up?

Are you ready to invest in what really matters for your happiness—your relationships? Many of us missed out on role models who could teach us how to nurture trusting, secure connections. Instead, we find ourselves stuck in the same old arguments, reacting on impulse, or feeling disconnected and unloved. The good news is, building better relationships is a skill we can all learn through therapy.

Are We a Good Fit?

Wondering if my approach is the right fit for you and your partner? See if any of these sound like your story:

• We keep having the same old silly fights, and we're dying to break that cycle.

We're intrigued by exploring kink or open relationships together.

Polyamory or open relationships are stirring up hurt feelings and conflicts.

• Past hurts or infidelity are keeping us stuck, and we want to move past them.

I feel like a ghost to my partner, totally unheard and drained.

I get anxious while my partner avoids, and it's a struggle to communicate.

Our arguments blow up into major showdowns, and we need to team up better.

We're both feeling disconnected and unhappy, speaking different love languages.

Jealousy's putting a strain on us, and we need help steering through it.

Handling our anger and conflicts constructively is a real challenge for us.

• We're unsure about where our relationship's heading and seeking some solid guidance.

If any of these hit close to home, you're not alone. These are common hurdles that many folks bring to therapy. Together, we can tackle them head-on, strengthen those ties, and find greater happiness. Ready to dive into therapy, take charge of your growth, and try fresh ways to handle old problems? I'm here and confident we can make strides together.

Building Stronger Bonds: My EFT Approach to Relationships

If these outcomes sound like what you're after, my approach, tailored just for you, could be exactly what you need. I'm here to help you build relationships that fit your life, no judgment. Whether your relationship is classic or out of the ordinary—straight, queer, monogamous, polyamorous, kinky—I've got your back.

What Sets My Approach Apart

Built on emotion-focused therapy (EFT)—known for making a real difference in relationships—I'll help you understand and handle your reactions, turning conflicts into chances to grow. Through EFT skills and blending in trauma-informed, family systems, cognitive-behavioral, and somatic therapies, I'll help you find happiness and strengthen your connections.

Session Rate

Couples/Partners Sessions  |  $115/hour