Therapy or Coaching

Is Therapy or Coaching Right for Me?

Wondering whether therapy or coaching fits your best? I'm a licensed therapist with deep training in both psychotherapy and life coaching, ready to help you figure out which path suits you best. Shoot me an email at for more details.

Both therapy and coaching are solid for boosting mental health, solving problems, coping better, and overall life happiness. Knowing the differences helps you nail down what aligns with your goals. They can totally tag team, tackling different life angles. Whatever you're vibing with right now, I'm here to back your journey to personal growth and feeling fulfilled.


Psychotherapy dives into emotional, psychological, and behavioral stuff to boost your mental game. It's about easing distress, solving conflicts, healing past hurts, and cranking up your emotional A-game. Therapy is long-term and super personalized, dialed in to what you need.

It’s all about:


Life coaching is about crushing personal and professional goals, living your best life, and doing it all with someone cheering you on. It's a team effort where your coach helps you set and nail specific goals, handle life changes, and up your happiness levels. Coaching is action-packed, with tools and strategies to boss up in all parts of life.

It’s geared towards: